Late in 2017 I spent over a week in a Cambodian village, in the Kandal Province. During this experience my outlook on life and the world we live in changed drastically.  

My main focus throughout the week journey was to observe and understand the impact the human suffering and lack of basic needs has and will have on the young minds and souls that roam the village. Without any room to dream and space to achieve anything beyond what they have. The lack of vision from the adults doesn’t give the young ones an opportunity to believe in making a better life for themselves.  

During this journey I discovered things about myself that I wouldn’t have in my normal life back home. I was exposed to appalling living conditions and a lack of want - to do more about it from the people “in it” . The cycle of life was evident and the pattern seems hard to break for this families.  

The kids always seemed to want to hold my hand, play with my hair, maybe they just wanted to feel my skin, I was so foreign to them that they had only ever seen people like me on there TV’s, were they intrigued by where I was from and did they wonder why I was there . 

Little do they know we come from the same place. We are just placed in a different circumstance in amongst this place we call home.  

What I did notice,  was that I was able to bring them  my love and leave them a little part of me for them to remember that there is another place other than their own.